A small business content portfolio for Sheryl


Sheryl Huggins Salomon is a seasoned director of media outlets and content ventures, having held lead positions at The Root (managing editor); NewsOne (editorial director); AOL Black Voices (managing editor); and NiaOnline (vice president and editor-in-chief), among other publications.

Sheryl is also an experienced journalist and content creator, which includes coverage aimed at small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, at Fortune’s Small Business Brand online, The Root, NiaOnline and Black Enterprise.

A sampling of small business profiles and service articles that she has written over the years follows:

Sheryl’s business content background also includes work for Dow Jones, where she was a copyreader.

In addition to her newsroom responsibilities at AOL, NewsOne.com and TheRoot.com, Sheryl managed the creation of multimedia sponsored business and money content.

For instance, at NewsOne.com she managed the creation of a series of articles and videos aimed at an urban audience for a financial company sponsor. Among the videos she assigned, edited, produced (and did off-camera interviews for) were: “How To Make Your Credit Score ‘Jump Like Jordan’,” “How Can I Pay Off Student Loans on a Budget?,” and “How Can I Save For Retirement When I Have Other Bills,” shown below:




The package, to which Sheryl assigned writer Lynette Holloway, also included articles such as “5 Things To Know Before Asking For A Bank Loan.”

Additionally, Sheryl has been:

  • Co-editor of the Nia Guide series of self-help books (Agate Publishing) that included titles on career success and work-life balance
  • A developer of Season 1 of The Root Live webcast (sponsored by Prudential) on business and money hosted by Harriette Cole, with guests including Mellody Hobson (president of Ariel Investments and chair of Dreamworks Animation); Portia Wu (special assistant to President Obama on labor and workforce issues); and Marc Morial (president of the National Urban League).

Her detailed resume is on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Sheryl here.


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