Meet our principal, Sheryl Huggins Salomon

_24Q1963 final-dress-crop-17-400Sheryl is a seasoned journalist, editorial manager and digital media professional who provides her communication and event programming expertise to media outlets, nonprofits and enterprises.

Her experience includes creating and managing content, events and teams focusing on health, fitness, genealogy, business, lifestyle, women and audiences of color.

Gizmodo Media, Time Inc., The Washington Post Company, AOL, Dow Jones and iONE Digital are among the media companies to which she has lent her talents as a journalist, content creator and leader.

As the communications director for the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at New York University Sheryl oversees external and internal communications and events for an institute focused on research, evidence-based interventions and policies relating to poverty and inequality.

As a health journalist, Sheryl writes about nutrition, fitness, and diabetes, among other topics, for  Her background also includes writing about sexual health and health disparities. Additionally, she was co-editor of The Nia Guide series of self-help books, including Choosing Health and Wellness and other titles about work-life balance and career success, published by Agate Publishing.

Having held managing editor/editorial director positions at The Washington Post Company, AOL, and iONE Digital, she has extensive experience guiding and promoting online coverage of breaking news and politics over 3 presidential election cycles, including the management of White House correspondents.  She was a co-developer of Season 1 of The Root 100 TV series on Aspire and Season 1 of The Root Live webcast.

Events she has programmed over the years include, but are not limited to: The Deadline Club’s “Outsmarting Fake News and Alt-Facts” panel in March 2017; The Root’s Young, Fabulous and Female Series from 2010-2012, and in 2016 (Los Angeles; Atlanta; New York; Philadelphia; Washington, DC); The Root/WURD’s Our Power, Our Promise panel luncheon with lawmakers, media and civil rights leaders coinciding with the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia; Davenport University’s 2014 Teach-Off for its College of Urban Education; and the Nia Enterprises Leadership Summit Series (2002-2005).

Other events for which Sheryl has provided communications and content support include the State of HIV in Black America 2016, The Root 100 Ball (2011-2013) and the 1997 Fortune 500 CEO and CIO Forums.

Sheryl served on the National Archives Committee of The Links, Inc. and acted as an adviser for the Pulitzer Prize Board’s Campfires Initiative.

Sheryl’s detailed resume is on LinkedIn.

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